Hoosier JACL:

The Hoosier JACL Chapter (Indianapolis, IN) is in its 40th year as a member of JACL’s Midwest District Council. Although one of the smaller chapters, it has been an active participant in the district’s programs. The chapter has participated in district meetings and hosted the fall MDC meeting in 2011.

The Hoosier Chapter’s membership includes Nikkei, newcomers from Japan, and non-Asian family members & friends. The diversity provides a rich cultural mosaic for us. Chapter activities for 2016 have included Shinnenkai (celebration of the New Year), summer picnic, and pitch-in luncheons with programs on Japanese folk medicine and Japanese gardens.

See these documents related to our history:

National JACL:

jacllogoThe  national Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) has over 23,000 members in 112 chapters located in 26 states and Japan.  Its headquarters is in San Francisco, with a public affairs office in Washington, D.C.  Four regional offices (in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles) provide support to Chapters and District Councils.  The JACL newspaper, the Pacific Citizen, is published in Monterey Park, California.

Link to 2016 JACL Annual Report

On a national scale, the Japanese American Citizens League provides leadership for many important issues that affect our daily lives. These programs have included in recent years the monitoring of anti-Asian violence; the promoting of accurate accounts of the Japanese American experience in our nation’s textbooks; the promotion of leadership skills for Japanese Americans; the creation of the Legacy Fund, a perpetual endowment that is helping to ensure that we can carry on our work into the future; and the campaign for Redress, in which we successfully fought for compensation and an apology from the U.S. government for our World War II internment camp survivors.

 2018 Hoosier JACL Board:

President – Peter Langowski
Secretary – Elinor Hanasono
Treasurer – Ron Campbell
Membership – Mari Langowski
Program – Jerry Montgomery
Scholarship/Youth – Ken Matsumoto
Ways & Means – Yas Matsumoto
Anti-Hate Liaisons – David Suzuki, Eric Langowski
Historian – Nancy Conner
Newsletter – Oren Cooley
Ex Officio – Anne Moore


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